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Hello Bitcoiners,
Apologies for the long post. First of all I want to say that I believe in Bitcoin, and I believe that Bitcoin can change our lives and make us a little more free. I have been using Bitcoin since 2014, and from that moment I encourage all my friends to use it as a payment option and a store of value.
For some time, I began to think about making myself a tattoo with the Bitcoin logo on my left shoulder, as a sign of my respect, and finally I have decided to do it. The tattoo will be very simple: Bitcoin's logo and the text under it "In Bitcoin We Trust" As for the size of the tattoo, it will be as a sizee of pack of cigarettes. Maybe I can use a tattoo for promotional purposes. Contact me to discuss the details.
The entire process of drawing a tattoo will be recorded on video and will consist of two parts: drawing a picture and fixing a tattoo. Estimated time when it will be finished - the middle of January, 2018.
Therefore, I ask you to donate several Satoshi if you support what I want to do. I promise that most of your donations will be spent on entertainment and good alcohol! Any suggestions are appreciated!
I will also post a lots of photos of my tattoo on social networks, and everyone will be able to use these photos without permission.
My Bitcoin address: 1LMAxRX9kLE8Xew7f2vYD7WS47b651D21f
QR code: [link]1
Please post your questions here - I'm happy to explain everything!
Thank you for your donations in advance!
P.S. Apologies for my mistakes, English in not my tative language.
Please, donate for Bitcoin tattoo, if you appreciate it :)
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